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Running for Waterloo Region District School Board Trustee for the City of Waterloo and Township of Wilmot, 2022


Wendy will represent with passion, positivity, equity and balance

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I was fortunate enough to have worked with Wendy for the past two years in classes ranging from kindergarten to grade eight at Conestogo Public School. Wendy is a well liked EA and CYW by students and staff. She genuinely cares for the well being of each and every student she encounters. She takes time to have meaningful conversations with students. 


Equity and inclusion is always at the forefront of her mind and she wears her heart on her sleeve. Students felt comfortable approaching Wendy with their needs. Wendy equipped students with tools and strategies to aid them in solving social problems. She has played an active role in classes through facilitating discussion on important social issues. What I appreciate the most is her level of teamwork with her colleagues. Wendy has a great sense of humour while working with children and always sees the positive side of things. She not only expresses her ideas but helps create a safe environment for other students and educators to share their perspective.  Wendy has a sincere interest in the education system and how we as educators assist learners. She would reach out to other staff members and share her resources and her wealth of knowledge. 


I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy as a school board trustee. She would be a terrific role model for our students and our community. She will be missed in the classrooms. 


Steve Budafalvi  Teacher WRDSB



I have worked with Wendy throughout her educational career, in roles such as ESL teacher in Korea, as Education Director of Oxford Learning, and as an Educational Assistant and Child and Youth Worker with the WRDSB.


Wendy is a hard worker who has always demonstrated a great combination between showing initiative and following direction.  She would also reflect on her day to come up with strategies to improve things in the future.  

Wendy is able to effectively communicate with students, parents and colleagues.  Whatever role she was in, Wendy approached each job with equal vigour and passion. Her caring and compassion for everyone she worked with, was apparent in everything she did.


Wendy has always promoted equity and inclusivity and has shown a willingness to work with a variety of people, from marginalized communities to the affluent.  She is able to listen, to understand and to facilitate working together to create solutions.


I support Wendy’s run for Trustee and think she would make a great addition to the Board of Trustees.




Susan Fitzgerald - Teacher WRDSB


My name is Katia Vasileas and I am an ECE working for the WRDSB. I have worked along side Wendy for a couple of years and she takes her role as an EA very seriously. Together we ran the extended day program where we planned and implemented activities for the children. We wanted to make it feel like home. Wendy always took the time to listen and understand the children. Any thoughts or feelings, concerns or questions they had she valued it and was able to talk them through until they felt comfortable and happy!! She is a huge problem solver and would instill these skills to the children and help them through step by step to find a solution. Wendy is very patient and when working one on one with a high needs student she was able to take the time and follow the child's needs but at the same time implement rules and regulations with them.  

Wendy is amazing and strong. She is a believer of equality and culture. She is also a fighter and I am truly appreciative that she is fighting for what she believes in. As an ECE I want to thank her for fighting for us. We support staff love what we do, we just want to be recognized!! Vote for Wendy! 



Katia Vasileas



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